One of the most exciting things about being a community of Christians on a university campus is our shared passion for the gospel, and to share this Good News with our flatmates, coursemates, and even people we don’t yet know. As Christians, we believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the salvation that comes from this, is the best news people could possibly hear! Whilst this evangelism is something we try to do together all year round, events week is a time specifically dedicated to making Jesus’ name known at LSE.

After beginning each day with a time of worship and prayer, dedicating the day’s events to God, we host a coffee stall outside Saw Swee Hock, where we hand out free drinks and talk to passers by. At the same time, some of the CU are usually flyering across campus - a scary (at first), but greatly rewarding task - lots of people come to our lunch events because they see our flyers!

Our lunchtime talks are a great time for discussion, where our friends can listen to the Good News of Jesus for the first (or hundredth!) time and really engage with the talk and ask their big questions over a delicious meal. Last year our lunchtime events included:

  • Is there more to life than a LinkedIn lifestyle?

  • Who would Jesus vote for? Would he care about Brexit?

  • Can we really solve the world’s biggest problems

  • #LeaveMeAlone: Why do Christians care so much what I believe?

In the evenings, UCCF run excellent London wide events for all London university CUs to attend and invite their friends to.

Here's a glimpse of what we got up to last year...